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Increase Your Firm's Revenue by Outsourcing Your Impaired Risk Life Cases

"Impaired Risk" cases have truly become a sub-specialty within the life insurance marketplace. These sales differ in a number of important ways from "preferred" cases. An expertise in impaired risk is often critical to the successful placement of low-cost term, smaller permanent policies, and larger estate/business planning cases.

Impaired risk cases call for a unique blend of "art and science". They involve a thorough knowledge of underwriting guidelines: which carriers are competitive for which risks, how to develop an underwriting profile of the candidate, and so on.

At the same time, these cases require a special set of interpersonal skills. People with a history of serious illness are often reluctant to provide a full medical disclosure, and must be treated with sensitivity. Also, these cases are typically evaluated using a number of subjective criteria, and the broker must continually advocate on behalf of the client to assure proper consideration.

The typical captive insurance brokerage or financial services firm is not structured to effectively handle these cases. Fortunately, our independent brokerage is uniquely well-suited to do so. Here is a summary of our qualifications:

A Specialization in Impaired Risk

I am the second generation to serve this niche. Over forty years ago, my father, Leon J. Kobrin, started an brokerage that specialized in placing business that was declined by captive companies. I have taken over and upgraded the family business into the 21st century.


We represent dozens of carriers and have no sales quotas to meet with any of them. We are therefore free to underwrite any product required, from $5000 burial policies, to level term products, to $10,000,000 joint survivorship plans.

A Consultative Approach to Insurance Sales

I was trained in financial consulting with an internationally-prominent asset manager. As needed, we examine the client's need for insurance and coordinate our work with that of the legal, tax and other advisors that may be involved.

A Strong Customer Service Ethic

In addition to my work in the insurance business, I have been employed as an operations manager for a distribution company that services the Fortune 100 community. I have modeled my insurance brokerage on the same "keep the customer satisfied" principle that is necessary for keeping the top corporations as clients.

Complete Case Development and Management Services

We essentially serve as the "Impaired Risk Department" for brokers and advisors. When they have clients whom they cannot service, we are brought in as the specialist on this particular sale. We work directly with the client and handle the entire case from preliminary research through policy issue.

By outsourcing these cases to us, consultants can generate revenue from previously underserved markets, and provide a truly needed service to clients. Click here for a list of the kind of cases we can turn into revenue for you.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss helping you make Impaired Risk sales a higher profit center for your firm. Contact me via email from this web site, or feel free to call me directly at (201) 796-8142.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Kobrin

The Kobrin Agency, Inc.
6-05 Saddle River Road, #103
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410    USA

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