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Life Insurance Quote

Life Insurance Products

Our Life Insurance Prequalifying Service (LIPS) will prequalify you for a policy without jeopardizing your eligibility for coverage.

We will give you an accurate life insurance quote... based on thorough research with carriers specializing in your type of risk... at no charge, no obligation, and with no formal application. This puts you in the driver's seat. We do all the shopping for you... then you decide whether or not to apply for coverage.

The LIPS program is risk-free... whether you have a medical condition... a history of serious illness... or you enjoy a dangerous hobby, such as scuba diving. Even if you have been declined or rated on prior applications, you can receive all the benefits of this service.

Life Insurance Quote
Have you been rated or declined on a prior application? We know which companies can provide the best rates for your specific type of risk. Most importantly, we know how to present your case to the underwriters, to get the most favorable assessment.
Term Insurance
Term Life Insurance is available with premium guarantees of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years, depending on your state of residence. Many companies have a very desirable combination of low cost term products, as well as competitive cash value products for conversion.

Cash Value Insurance
We represent many companies with products that accumulate cash values. They include whole and universal Life Insurance. The cash values they develop can be important assets for your estate, retirement, and business planning.

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