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Eldercare and Disability Planning

Steve Kobrin is the Executive Director of The Eldercare and Disability Financial Management Group.

What is the EDFMG?
The Group is a network of financial and legal professional advisors, each of whom specializes in eldercare and disability planning.
What professions are represented?
The Group includes planners, attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers and investment advisors.
Whom do these advisors help?
Financial, legal and brokerage services related to eldercare and disability planning are provided to the following clients:
  • People with a catastrophic illness or history of serious illness
  • Ddisabled adults
  • Parents of disabled children
  • Retirees who need to protect their assets against the risk of long term care
  • Working men and women who need to protect their income against a disabling illness or injury
Traditional estate, retirement and insurance planning services are also provided.
How do these advisors work together?
Each advisor has a unique specialty related to eldercare and disability planning. Each area of expertise is drawn upon when a client develops a financial plan. Collectively, we act as a Planning Team so that, by working within our network, clients do not have to shop separately for each professional they need.
Can a client choose to work with only selected advisors?
Certainly. While many people do not have a team of advisors, others may have a particular accountant or attorney, for example, with whom they want to work. You are free to utilize the members of the Group on an individual basis.
How are advisors compensated?
Each member maintains a private practice in his or her own field of expertise. Fees or charges are assessed based on the customary arrangement of each profession.
Does the EDFMG charge extra fees for making referrals?
No. Our referral services are provided at no cost. Since the group is simply a network and not a formal business or organization, it does not charge fees.
Why would I choose to work with a "network of advisors" as opposed to a bank, accounting firm, or other financial institution that provides "complete financial planning services"?
We believe very strongly that the needs of consumers are best met by independent specialists, loosely affiliated to serve a shared client. Because we each specialize in our own area of expertise, you know that the most competent professional available is working for you. Because we are each independent, and employed by neither the EDFMG nor a common larger institution, your interests can be placed first and foremost.

Yet, because we know one another and have complementary specialties, your planning can proceed in a thorough and efficient fashion.
What other services are provided by the Group?
In addition to our Advisor Referral Service, we maintain a Speakers Bureau for in-house presentations to the following organizations: corporations, community groups, hospitals, caregiver support groups, and professional associations.
How do I contact the EDFMG?
Please see the footer of this page for Steve Kobrin's contact information. Steve is the Executive Director of the EDFMG. He will be glad to hear from you.

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