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"Rules of the Road"
for Cash Value Insurance

Get a good financial advisor. This person can be an accountant, tax attorney or financial or estate planner. You really should develop a "team of advisors" to help you address all the various issues of money management.
Remember that this is life insurance, first and foremost. The primary function of life insurance is to take care of survivors. Once that goal is accomplished, you are free to add additional living benefits.
Understand the differences among cash-value products. They each vary with regard to guarantees offered, investment risk, payment flexibility and other factors.

Please read more about the different types of cash value insurance and how these products work.
Choose a "Cash-Employment Strategy." The cash in these policies is typically used for one of three reasons. Once you decide which one applies to you, it will be easy to select the right product.
  • Money-Back Guarantee —This strategy can be designed to recoup all your premiums paid after 20 years, on a guaranteed basis.

  • Limited Payments — With this strategy, you will pay premiums for 10 years only, on a guaranteed basis.

  • Maximum Wealth Accumulation — With this strategy, an ambitious payment schedule can be established for you under which you can maximize your cash build-up.
Which strategy is right for you? It's time to start consulting. To get started, give Steve Kobrin a toll-free call at 1 (866) 633-1818 or email him.

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